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Motion Decoy Kits

Designed to fit most hollow hard body decoys and full body foam targets/decoys (Flambeau, Carry-Lite, Delta, etc. Tail-Wagger Kit includes: Motor unit, power pack, one synthetic fur tail, and installation and instructions for Carry-Lite, Flambeau, and Full Body Foam Deer Decoys or Targets.

Motion decoys: deer decoy motion kits and moving decoys for fox, coyote, bobcat, cougar, crows and more. We make decoys MOVE and MOVING decoys for hunting Whitetail deer, predators, varmints and people (when the WARDEN wants to catch a poacher).

Motor housing is constructed of strong, durable ABS plastic and installs in your decoy with one bolt. The removable Power Pack connects to it. Therefore, your power pack can come inside with you after the hunt. Even if you leave your decoy in freezing temperatures overnight, battery power is preserved.

After more than 14 years in development, testing, and use, Come-Alive Decoy Products leads in the exciting concept of MOTION for your deer decoy! Now you can enjoy all the action that is promised by deer hunting magazines.

The moving tail catches the deer’s eye, and the INTERVAL of movement puts them at ease and fools even the older, smarter deer. The tail motion kit employs the latest in technology to give the deer decoy movement where it’s needed most.

With smooth, quiet operation, deer are both attracted and put at ease. And it’s all automatic . . . no strings or remotes to worry about. You select the “wag” interval of 8 or 16 seconds, plug it in, and go to your stand.

The movement will catch your eye, too! After a few minutes in your stand, you’ll be convinced that this does the trick!

The deer tail included in your kit is made from either hand sanded and air brush painted soft urethane foam or dyed synthetic fur. It is very light weight, durable and weather tolerant!

And, Tail-Wagger motion tail can take the weather. It’s been tested in the snow, sleet, and rain and temperatures from -0º to over 90 degrees.

Because the tail movement is electronically timed, the 4 C-cell (flashlight batteries) last well over 200 hours. (That’s a whole season of hunting for most hunters.)

You will see more action around your deer decoy than ever before, because the strategically designed tail motion can be seen from almost any direction that deer might be coming.

Installation is easy in the Flambeau “Redi-Doe deer decoy and Grazing Doe deer decoy” and “Carry-Lite deer decoy” line of deer decoys. Also installs in full body Foam Deer Decoys and Archery Targets. Not easily adaptable to Montana and Renzo 2 dimensional silhouette decoys.

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